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We offer our services to the Quebec (SAQ) and Ontario (LCBO) markets.


Some wines may only be found in one of the provinces. Have a look at both selections to see all available wines. The rules are different for the two provinces, so please read carefully the steps and formalities required depending on whether you order from SAQ or LCBO.


SAQ Private Order:

We offer wines available at the warehouse for quick delivery and pre-orders.

- Go to our wine - SAQ section to make your selection and place your order.

- Complete your payment for service fees* (PayPal, bank transfer or check).

- Your order will be sent to the SAQ of your choice (the SAQ must be part of the SAQ accepting private orders delivery, this list is proposed to you when you order).

    - For a wine available at the warehouse, the delivery time is 5 to 10 working days.

    - A SAQ employee will contact you when your order is ready for pick up.

    - For pre-ordered wines, you will be notified of the delay at ordering (it is possible that the wine is already in transit, so the delay will be variable between 2 and 15 weeks)

- The final payment of the products is done at the SAQ when you pick up the order.

- Maximum delay to pick up your order is 15 days, after that SAQ will charge restocking fees of 9,20$/case. (arrangements are possible if you notify us in advance).


** It is possible for our Ontario clients to make private orders from SAQ (with pick up in a SAQ store near you). The legislation allows the transportation of alcohol, for personal consumption, between Quebec and Ontario. (see Transporting Beverage Alcohol Across Provincial Borders)

 LCBO Private Order:

- We can only offer pre-orders on LCBO private orders.

- We will do group orders to save on transport cost, allowing for a reduced wine price.

- Allow a shipping delay of 12 to 15 weeks following the order.

- You can see the next order date in the product descrition.

- LCBO requires a security deposit for private orders. The deposit will be deducted from the final invoice.

- Go to our wine - LCBO section to make your selection and place your order.

- Complete your payment for service fees*, as well as the LCBO security deposit (PayPal, bank transfer or check).

    (We will transfer your deposit to the LCBO, which will be credited from your final invoice payable at pick up.)

- Your order will be sent to the LCBO store of your choice.

- Final payment of the products is made to LCBO before your order is tranfered to your selected LCBO store (the deposit will be deducted from the total amount).

- Maximum delay to pick up your order is 30 days, after that extra fees will apply. After 60 days, the order will be seized by the LCBO and the deposit lost.

* Service fees are payable to Olkades. The wines are payable directly to SAQ or LCBO. Only the SAQ in Quebec and the LCBO in Ontario are legally allowed to sell alcohol products. We don't receive remuneration in any form from SAQ and LCBO for our services.