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About us

Olkades is a wine and spirits representative agency. We offer products that represent the terroir where they were grown. Products developed with respect for nature and tradition, products that are part of a vision of quality and respect for sustainable development to provide a real multi-sensorial experience to our customers. Our products are sold, through the SAQ and the LCBO, in private imports, as well as in branches for products with a larger volume.


Olkades is born from the passion and expertise of two brothers, their love of wine and good food. As a result of multiple trips across Europe, from discovery to discovery, one of them even decided to put a serious base on it by acquiring a residence in the Italian Abruzzo. We distinguish ourselves by close proximity to our producers by meeting them several times a year, building trust, friendly relationships and learning details of their vineyard and winemaking technics.

Olkades story started in Abruzzo, but our presence in Europe continues to grow and we are now present in 12 regions of 3 countries: Italy, France and Spain




Olkades is also looking for fine products, just like wines, which represents the terroir in which they grow.


Why Olkades?




The Olkades were Phoenician merchant ships, of small dimensions equipped with a single mat and two oars / rudders, easy to maneuver by a small crew. They were used to transport goods mainly composed of wine and olive oil. We see in that name a beautiful representation of our agency, which aims to represent small producers in respect with the traditions.

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